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Product Information - Accordion Grilles

Accordion Grilles are very popular and can be a viable solution to a unique problem. You should contact us when you have what seems to be an unsolvable situation.

Accordion Grilles require very little headroom and are ideal products when a curved area needs to be secured.

Accordion Grilles are always manually operated and are easy to open and close.

When an area for a pocket is not available, Atlas Door and Evans Overhead Door can provide a fixed trailing edge that will secure directly to your wall and the grille will stack in front of this area.

If your lead stile is closed against an area that cannot accept a lock receptor (window, finished wall, etc) Atlas Door can provide a methods that locks the lead stile up into the top rack and down into the floor, eliminating the Lock Receptor requirement.

We can build a solid curtain made from clear or bronze tinted Lexan panels. This offers a full-view curtain that provides added security and prohibits theft, vandalism, and intrusion of foreign objects into your secured area.

The purpose of the intermediate post is to prevent unauthorized entry into the secured area by force underneath the grille. The intermediate posts are spaced a maximum 8' on center in a straight grille, and located at every curve. This post locks securely into the floor; keeping the curtain taut and removes any slack between posts. When mounting an Accordion Grille on a counter top, the spacing between the posts is reduced to 4' on center for added security.

Instead of an unsightly floor track, Atlas Door provides a decorative floor socket that accepts the intermediate posts floor bolt.

The Lead Stile lock both inside and outside to allow opening and closing for either operation.

When your finished floor is sloped or has a fixed obstruction (railroad tracks, conveyor system) we can manufacture a Bottom Bar to match. Be sure to allow the Bottom Bar to raise above the lintel.

You can combine a Coiling Service Door or Thermal Door with our Coiling Grille and have both a secured area when required and be able to roll-up the door curtain and secure the opening with the grille when ventilation or minimum security is required.


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