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Atlas Coiling Thermal Doors

Specifications The Competition Atlas

R Value

R-Values range from 4.17 to 6.3 (U-values of 0.24 to 0.158), using a variety of calculation techniques Calculated using the ASHRAE method, Atlas Thermal Insulated rolling doors have an R-value of 6.25 (U-value of 0.16)
Insulation Most competitors use polystyrene held in place with glue or adhesive, while others use polyurethane blocks slid loosely into place without bonding, These methods leave gaps and voids between all surfaces. Atlas Thermal Doors are insulated with environmentally safe, pressure-injected polyurethane foam which expands and cures between the slats.  This results in a very effective thermal barrier with no gaps or voids.
Slat Construction Most competitors only offer steel exteriors and interiors with no thermal breaks. Others offer a steel exterior with a plastic interior "cap" slat, leaving voids in the insulated surface. Both methods drastically reduce thermal efficiency. Atlas' insulated slat uses two full steel skins (standard) with no metal to metal contact, providing a complete thermal barrier over the full surface of the slat.
Curtain Material Limited by product design, many competitors are unable to offer slat materials other than steel or plastic. Offering the largest selection of interior and exterior slat materials, Atlas can provide thermal door slats in galvanized steel (standard), primed steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Any combination of materials for the interior and exterior skins is acceptable, further enabling you to match the architectural motif and specifications of any job.


Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T23

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T25

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T26

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T33

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T43

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T46

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T45

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T55

Atlas Coiling Thermal Door Model T75



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