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Superseal Series 9200
Hi-Speed Bi-Folding Door

Designed for openings up to 24' W x 24' H
The series 9200 "Super Fold" is the optimum solution for areas of high volume and high speed traffic in commercial, industrial, refrigerated, or freezer application.


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Heavy Duty, long-lasting trolley wheels guide the door panels quietly and accurately to the open and close positions.

The state-of-the-art design allows for versatility in use of drive mechanisms.

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Where the PVC panels are inserted into the steel support arms and the steel side support gussets, they are reinforced with an additional layer of PVC to avoid tearing.

All folding hinge points have nylon washers and /or self lubricating "Tef-lon" bushings that do not require grease.

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"Gravity Suspended" design eliminated warping of PVC panels.

An adjustable lower bearing allows for quick and easy adjustment of the door panels.

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