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Bi-Parting Door Replacement Panels

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Everything flows when your power folding doors are functioning smoothly. Yet frequent cycling makes them vulnerable to excessive wear. Heavy PVC material will eventually tear away from the arm assembly. Edges will curl. Scratches will obscure visibility. In no time, your door will be inefficient, unsafe and unsightly.

bi-parting doors

The most expensive door is an inefficient one. Rite-Hite's panel replacement systems allow you to upgrade and repair problem door affordably. Fix only what's necessary. You can spec PVC lead panels, or patented Reflek-Tekô insulated panel conversions. Eliminate frost and ice build-up by retrofitting Rite-Hite's exclusive Internal Defrost System to existing doors. No matter which you order. you'll be saving doors and dollars with Rite-Hite quality, durability and reliability.



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