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C SERIES / Mechanical
Hydraulically-Operated, Pit-Mounted Dock Leveler


dock leveler


The "C" SERIES/ Mechanical is a pit-mounted dock leveler with a working range of 12" above to 12" below dock. The unit mechanically operated via a spring counter balance and DLM's CAMCONTROL design. For greater safety, DLM's exclusive LIPDRIVE feature (patents pending) provides positive extension of the hinged lip during deck lift.

As evidence of its exceptional value, the "C" SERIES/ Mechanical includes an I-Beam substructure, a deck and lip of high-strength 55000 lb. yield (or better) steel safety tread plate, a maintenance safety strut, a complete set of grease fittings, and two rubber bumpers without extra cost.


The sophisticated design of the "C" SERIES/Mechanical allows all adjustments to be made via two nuts - one for counterbalance of the deck and one for the lip. Each is front mounted for easy access. When the "C" SERIES/Mechanical is properly installed and operated, periodic lubrication should be the only maintenance requirement. Grease fittings are provided along the hinge and lift arm assemblies.


The "C" SERIES/Mechanical can be easily operated by one person. To activate the CAMCONTROL with the leveler in the stored position, the operator simply pulls the release ring located at the right rear of the leveler deck. The spring counterbalance provides and upward bias to smoothly lift the deck. The lip will automatically extend outward via DLM's exclusive LIPDRIVE mechanism. The operator then walks along the deck, toward the lip and the leveler lip will float down to rest securely on the trailer and provide a good working bridge.

After loading is complete, the operator again pulls the release ring to raise the leveler and then walks down the leveler to bring it to rest in the stored position. The lip will automatically lower and position itself behind night locks on the leveler frame.


Complete installation drawings are available separately and are shipped with each unit from the factory. Pit dimension requirements are illustrated below.

  measurement graphic
Leveler A B C
6 ' Wide x 6 ' Long 63" 74" 19" at rear
" grade to front
6 ' Wide x 8' Long 87" 74" 19" at rear
" grade to front
6 ' Wide x 6 ' Long 63" 80" 19" at rear
" grade to front
6 ' Wide x 8 ' Long 87" 80" 19" at rear
" grade to front
7 ' Wide x 6 ' Long 63" 85" 19" at rear
" grade to front
7 ' Wide x 8 ' Long 87" 85" 19" at rear
" grade to front

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