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Product Information - Coiling Counter Shutters


Coiling Counter Shutters can mount to many types of walls, in many different ways. Our web site shows the more typical face of wall and between jamb mounting, but these mountings can be mixed and matched to best suit your application. Please contact us for more information.

Very wide shutters may be difficult to manually operate. A fixed or removable center mullion can help you reduce the width of a shutter, yet still provide the open area of your projects requirement.

Most materials can now receive a power coat finish. Atlas door has 186 standard colors available to suit most needs, but can provide custom colors when the manufacturers name and color number are specified.

A counter shutter can be designed to mount to free standing steel tubes to allow an early door installation prior to wall construction. Be sure to specify the counter height so the shutter can be correctly positioned in the opening.

Is your hood going to mount above the ceiling? Then you should delete the hood. Although the hood offers lateral support between the two bracket plates, it should be deleted when the brackets are mounted above the ceiling for ease of future maintenance or repair.  Be sure to allow access to the area beneath each bracket plate.

Atlas Door offers Vision Lites, Fenestrated and Perforated Slats in many variations.

On Electrically operated shutters, be aware of the material and atmosphere in your secured area. Atlas Door offers many NEMA rated operators and controls to suit your project needs.

The Atlas Door SMO Motor Operator is specifically made to neatly fit on the smallest counter shutter bracket plate. Now you can provide the neat look of the shutter and also have the convenience of motor operation.

Counter Shutters are becoming a popular item on the outside of buildings to protect glass windows from breakage, storm damage or vandalism.

Counter shutters are ideal for Kiosk designs.  Be sure to watch out for bracket plate interference when the adjacent shutters are mounted perpendicular to each other.


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