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Product Information - Coiling Grilles


Coiling grilles can mount to many types of walls in many ways. This web site shows the more typical face of wall and between jamb mountings, but, these mountings can be mixed an matched to best suit you project needs. Contact us for more information.

The drive side bracket plate on chain operated grilles is normally longer and will hang down below the lintel. It is important to remember this when designing the above ceiling application or when you have a very low operating height. Also, be careful not to bury the guides in the wall when chain operated since this will also bury the hand chain and prevent access to operate the grille.

A coiling grille can be designed to mount to free standing steel tubes to allow an early installation, prior to interior wall construction.  This is a very common practice in mall applications and helps you meet those demanding deadlines.

A Safety Stop Device will prevent a Coiling Grilles from crashing to the floor in the event of spring failure.  

Many types of sensing devices can be provided to prevent injury to personnel or damages to property during the closing cycle of the grille. Each of these features have their strengths. Which is the best one for your application?  Ask us.

Is your hood going to mount above the ceiling? Then you should delete the hood.  Although the hood offers lateral support between the bracket plates, it should be deleted when the brackets are mounted above the ceiling for ease of future maintenance or repair. Just be sure to allow access to the area beneath each bracket plate.

In addition to 9" Brick and 9" Straight Patterns, Atlas Door offers pattern spacing in many variations, including a Heavy-Duty Pattern.

Atlas Door can build a solid curtain made from clear or bronze tinted Lexan panels. This offers a full-view curtain that provides added security and prohibits theft, vandalism, and intrusion from foreign objects into your secured areas.

The Atlas Door Grille is constructed of continuous, galvanized steel center rods that are capped with aluminum tubes and joined by aluminum vertical links. This combination offer you a very nice looking curtain with the benefits of various aluminum finishes while retaining the strength of steel. Atlas Door is one of the few manufacturers that provide you with this type of construction and added security.

On the motorized grille, you can specify a Panic Release Device that will override the motor operator and allow emergency egress from the secured area when the grille is in the closed position, without need for electrical power or prior knowledge to the grilles normal operation. The Panic Release Device, located in a recognizable location will allow quick and easy egress when valuable seconds are limited.

When you finished floor is sloped or has a fixed obstruction (railroad tracks, conveyor systems), we can manufacture a Bottom Bar to match. Be sure to allow additional head room for the Bottom Bar to raise up above the lintel.

On electrically operated grilles, be aware of the materials and atmosphere in your secured area. Atlas Door offers many NEMA rated operators and controls to suit your project needs.


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