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Most Operators have at least one means of operation in the event of power failure. Be sure to review the specifications for each operators emergency mode. Consider how the end user will access this in the event of a power failure or an emergency situation.

For fire door and labeled shutter application, consider a resettable motor operator. A resettable operator should allow the door to be mechanically drop tested while allowing for quick and easy resetting of the fire door or labeled shutter.

resetable motor operator

With items like loop detectors, radio controls and timers to close, it is very important to clearly define how you want the product to operate. Is the loop detector to open or close the door? Will the electric eye reverse the downward travel of the door? Consider the entire sequencing that you may require and clearly specify this. This will allow the door manufacturer to accurately build your motor operator and clearly show the required electrical connections on the supplied wiring diagram.


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