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Product Information - Coiling Thermal Doors

  • Coiling Thermal Doors can mount to many types of walls, in many different ways.

  • The drive side bracket plate on chain and crank operated doors is normally longer and will hang down below the lintel. It is important to remember this when designing an above ceiling application, or when you have a very low opening height, where this plate may interfere.

  • When placing a thermal door on a metal skin building, you usually need to specify a fascia to close off the area in front of the hood. This will prevent air infiltration into your heated/cooled area.

  • Most materials can now receive a Powder Coat finish. Atlas Door™ has 186 standard colors available to suit most needs, but can provide custom color when the manufacturers name and color number are specified.

  • A Safety Stop Device will prevent a Coiling Door from crashing to the floor in the event of a spring failure. This device can be specified on any door product, but is highly recommended on any High Cycle application.

  • Many types of Sensing Devices can be provided to prevent injury to personnel or damage to property during the closing cycle of the door.  Each of these features have their specific strengths. Which is the best one for your application, just ask, we can help.

  • Atlas Door™ offers Insulated and Non-Insulated Vision Lites in many variations.

  • When your Finished Floor is sloped or has a fixed obstruction (railroad track, conveyor systems), Atlas Door can manufacture the Bottom Bar to match. Just be sure to allow additional headroom for the bottom bar to raise up above and clear the lintel.

  • Do you have a large Coiling Thermal Door that is required to offer personnel egress? There is no need to roll up that door every time somebody wants in or out. Specify an "Insulated Pass Door" and Atlas Door will manufacture a full-sized door man door at either jamb, within the coiling thermal door curtain to allow entry and exit.  The door and frame can also swing out of the way to provide the full clear opening when the coiling door is in the up position.

  • On electrically operated door, be aware of the materials and atmosphere in your secured area. Atlas Door offers many NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) rated operators and controls to suit your projects needs.

  • You can combine a Coiling Thermal Door with a Coiling Grille (Door/Grille Combo) and have a secured area when required, and be able to roll-up the door curtain and secure the opening with the grille when ventilation or minimum security is required.

  • Atlas Door recently received a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 25 on the Coiling Thermal Door. This rating will qualify our Thermal Door on project requiring sound insulation. Use these doors to isolate machinery sounds, or noisy areas.

  • Atlas Door is one of the few manufacturers that use "true" double steel slat construction with foam injected insulation.


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