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D Series / Hydraulic
Hydraulically-Operated, Pit-Mounted Dock Leveler


hydraulic leveler


The "D" SERIES/Hydraulic is a pit-mounted dock leveler with a working range of 12" above to 12" below dock. The unit has fully hydraulic operation of both deck and lip. Deck descent speed is user adjustable from the front of the leveler. A defeatable RAPIDRECYLCE™ mode (patents awarded and pending) saves significant time by automatically taking shortest path to stored position when carrier departs or operator recycles leveler.


The sophisticated design of the "D" SERIES/Hydraulic allows regulation of the deck descent speed via a single control valve on the deck cylinder. When properly installed and operated, periodic lubrication should be the only maintenance requirement. Grease fittings are provided along the hinge and lift arm assemblies.


The "D" SERIES/Hydraulic allows simple push-button operation via an advanced control module. In the defeatable RAPIDCYCLE mode, the leveler saves valuable time by circumventing full cycle operation and automatically taking the shortest path to the stored position upon the departure of a trailer. RAPIDCYCLE can also be used to save time when a trailer is still at the dock. Just one momentary push of the RAPIDCYCLE button will quickly return the leveler to the stored position. There is no need to hold the button.

The optional "C" control module further minimizes operating time. This module has an independent LIP control allowing the operator to extend the lip independently of the deck. Thus, when preparing to load or unload, the deck needs to be lifted only to a position that allows the lip to clear the trailer and, again, a full cycle of the leveler is circumvented.

The "C" control module also features a safety STOP button designed to stop all deck motion during any cycle of the leveler, providing power is connected. Complete operating instructions are provided with each leveler.


Complete installation drawings and wiring diagrams are available separately and are shipped with each unit from the factory. Pit dimension requirements are illustrated below.

leveler drawing

Leveler A B C
6 ' Wide x 6 ' Long 63" 74" 19" at rear
" grade to front
6 ' Wide x 8' Long 87" 74" 19" at rear
" grade to front
6 ' Wide x 6 ' Long 63" 80" 19" at rear
" grade to front
6 ' Wide x 8 ' Long 87" 80" 19" at rear
" grade to front
7 ' Wide x 6 ' Long 63" 85" 19" at rear
" grade to front
7 ' Wide x 8 ' Long 87" 85" 19" at rear
" grade to front




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