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NeverLift™ Pit Mounted Dock Leveler


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  The safest and easiest to operate mechanical Edge-of-Dock leveler in America.

Nearly 40 years ago , DLM invented the edge-of-dock leveler and quickly set the standard for the industry. Today, the DLM NeverLift sets a new standard. It is the absolute state of the art in lever-operated edge-of-dock levelers. The DLM NeverLift is yet another reason why there are more DLM edge-of-dock levelers in service than those of all other companies combined


  lever operation


Here is the state-of-the-art in lever-operated dock levelers. Simply move the lifting lever 50 degrees away from the dock edge, and then return the lever to its original vertical position. That's all there is to it.



With DLM, you can choose from three bump block models to match your application needs. In the foreground of the photo is our extra heavy-duty series, shipped as standard. At left, is the optional extra heavy duty series with our exclusive sliding bump block that rises as the truck is unloaded thus reducing wear and tear. At upper right is our optional warehouse series for moderate traffic applications. All DLM bump blocks feature Tuf-Cord® bumpers, the toughest in the industry.

bump blocks


First: pull back on lever approximately 50 degrees to the 2'oclock position.
Then: return lever to the 12'oclock position. That's all it takes.


1. Long proven dual-extension spring lift mechanism.
2. Heavy-duty steel lever, with special ez-grip handle. Can be self-stored or placed inside the building.
3. Roller-bearing lift mechanism for easy lifts.
4. Cold-rolled steel hinge pin for added strength and long life. Grease fittings throughout.

5. High-strength steel safety tread plate, 55,000 lb. (or better) yield.
6. Your choice of bump block blocks abd rubber bumpers.
7. Milled lip edge for smooth tire rollover.
8. Secondary gussets for added strength and extended life.

Model # Left Mechanism Deck Width Total Width* Total Span Capacity
NL6620 Dual extension springs with lever/bearing operation 66" (168 cm) 102" (259 cm) 27¾" (70.5 cm) 20000 lbs.
(9070 kg)
NL7220 " 72" (183 cm) 108" (274 cm) " "
NL7820 " 78" (198 cm) 114" (290 cm) " "
NL6625 " 66" (168 cm) 102" (259cm) " 25000 lbs.
(11338 kg)
NL7225 " 72" (183 cm) 108" (274 cm) " "
NL6630 " 66" (168 cm) 102" (259 cm) " 30000 lbs.
(13605 kg)
NL7230 " 72" (183 cm) 108" (274 cm) " "

* subtract 4" (10 cm) if optional Warehouse Series bump blocks are used.


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