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Vehicular Swing Gate Operators


6050 Single Family Residential
6100 Multi-User Commercial

* Advanced microprocessor control board eliminates mechanical relays, limit switches and reversing contactors.
* Automatic limit settings means no limit switch adjustments - ever.
* The two-stage electronic and mechanical self-checking inherent reverse system makes these operators the safest on the market.
* Tamper protect system starts the motor and re-closes the gate if an attempt is made to force the gate open.
* Fail-safe system allows the gate to be simply pushed open during power outages without the need for cranks, keys, or other release devices (which more often than not cannot be found when needed). This is a must have feature for safety and quick emergency access, and is required by fire departments in many parts of the country.

single family

6300 Multi-User Commercial / Industrial

* Gate Tracker reporting. When connected to a companion DoorKing control system (1803PC, 1815, 1817, 1818), Gate Tracker provides important operator data such as the number of gate cycles, operator input status, if any attempt has been made to force the gate open, if the gate has hit any obstructions, loop detector faults, and more. This is great information for management companies, maintenance personnel and service companies.
* The DC backup system (optional on 6100 and 6300 only) includes a completely independent drive, control and power system that provides a convenient method to open your access gate should a power outage occur. This is a great option for apartment complexes and gated communities that prevents traffic from backing up during power outages due to inoperative gates.
* Two-piece articulating arm provides extremely smooth and reliable gate movement.
* Unique design operates drive arm from underneath the operator. This allows the connecting arm to be attached to the bottom rail of the gate. In this manner, the arm is attached to the strongest part of the gate and will not detract from the appearance of the gate since it virtually hidden fro view.
* 6000 series operators can pad or post mounted allowing great flexibility to meet exact on-site requirements.


601 / 602 Actuators for Residential / Light Commercial

* Actuators are easily installed directly on the swing gate and hinge post eliminating the need for concrete pads or mounting posts. Ideally suited for applications where side room is minimal.
* Designed as fail-secure devices. If a power outage occurs, an easy to use keyed release places the actuators in manual operation.
* Control panel is housed separately in a weather resistant enclosure.

  microprocessor control board

Microprocessor Control Boards

are designed at DoorKing's manufacturing facility in Inglewood, CA., assuring a long lasting trouble free system.


Gate Tracker

output reports gate operator data to a companion DoorKing access control system (1803PC, 1815, 1817, 1818)

gate tracker

Screw Drive

system on models 601, 602 actuators provide smooth and quiet operation.

screw drive
  programming switches

Programming Switches

to set desired mode of operation.

  worm drive

Worm Drive

provides smooth quiet operation

  Door King

Twice as Safe DoorKing

operators are designed with a two stage, self-monitoring state-of-the-art inherent entrapment protection system that is second to none in the industry.

  For more information, contact Rob Evans or go to www.doorking.com

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